Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bond Falls

 My smiley girl. :)
 Jenna and me.
 The falls themselves. They were so pretty this time of the year, but I can imagine they are even better in the spring. :)
 The fall colors there were awesome! :) The drive down there was spectacular too. :)
 I figured out how to slow the water down, the focus isn't the greatest, but I liked how it turned out anyways.
Here is a picture of Travis at his party. Check out the cake! Thanks Alanna! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

An Update on Life

Hello readers! Have you missed me? I think this is the longest time I have ever gone without updating this blog. Sorry, but it'll be like this for a while. We don't have the Internet at home anymore, so I will just have to sneak into town every once in a while to update. I'll try to make it more frequent than once a month. I promise.

Here is a little update as to what we've been up to in the past month. I am still working full time, my insurance started now! yay! We are pretty excited about that factor. Aaron especially since he needed to start his clinical in the OR at the end of August. He LOVES it!! :) He came home after his first day in surgery saying he wished he knew how much fun it was going to be when he was going to class. It would've made it much more bearable he says. But I am glad he's enjoying it. Only two and a half more months until he's done! It's looking like we are going to be down here until December or January, as he didn't get his externship at P. Hospital. Oh well. Everything works out for a reason. I'm ok with it. Just bummed that it means at least two more months longer of working full time than we'd originally planned. But it's working out well, and why change what works.

Travis just turned three, and he is fired up. :) Saturday was his birthday. He was my baby in a hurry to be born. My total active labor for him was about an hour, maybe less. :) Two hours before he was born, I was in a corn field, picking corn planning for Aaron's grandparent's to come over for dinner. :) Needless to say, we had to take a rain check. My Travis was born weighing in at 7lb 1 oz. Now he weighs 31 lbs. :) He's getting to be so big. I see alot of my traits in him. He's got such a happy personality, but unfortunately he's inherited my clumsiness. Aaron says he'll trip over the next color in the carpet. It's not that far of a stretch saying that either. ;) Trav wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday ( he's been real into them lately) so his awesome ( you really are!) Auntie Alanna made him a cool dino cake. He loved it. We got it on Friday and the party wasn't til Sat. Every time he walked by the cake, he had to hop up on a stool to check out that cake one more time. :) It was cute.

School started today for Jenna and Travis. They are both going to afternoon pre-school four days a week. Today was the first day. I was wondering how Travis would do, as he was nervous of the buses last year, but he did great! They have the cute little pre-school bus that they ride, and when it pulled up, he hopped right on like he's been doing it for years! I was a little sad when they waved goodbye through the window, but then decided I am going to enjoy the quiet during the day with just Logan at home. He took a three hour nap today with nobody around to make lots of noise to wake him up! At best he used to get about an hour long nap. I got almost a whole book read, and lots of laundry done. :) It'll just be him and I from eleven to four thirty, or two on the days that I work. Just think! I can go do my grocery shopping with just a baby in the front! No more burying kids in the back of the cart. :)  They came home with big smiles today, but now are showing signs of getting pretty tired. I doubt they got a nap today, so we should probably go home and put them to bed, as they have school again tomorrow. I will try to get pictures of their first day of school and Travis's birthday party up ( mostly for you Jen!) this week.

Oh on one more note, we went to Bo*d Falls this weekend and got lots of nice pictures there. I'll save that for another post however. See you next time!