Saturday, August 27, 2011

Headbands for Baby

I bought some cloth diapers from another mama who also happens to own her own esty shop and makes headbands for little girls and babies. She was sweet enough to send me a few with my order for free! As a little thanks I figured I'd share them with you. They are darling!

 Her name is Amy and her shop is JAG Designs. You can find her at
Cute isn't it? I'll share more with you another day. Thanks Amy! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vivian, 2 months

It's hard for me to believe sometimes that two months have flown by and my baby is no longer a tiny tiny newborn. She doesn't scrunch up her body and legs when we pick her up anymore, but rather is happy to stretch out.
 She's talking and smiling and noticing faces every day. We are learning to recognize her mood and are willing to cater to her needs for the time. As far as night time goes, she's been by far our best sleeper. Not that she's sleeping through the night, but her usual night time routine is to go to bed around midnight, and sleep til about four, get up and eat, sleep til about six, get up eat and have her diaper changed, and then go back to bed til nine. I don't complain about that at all because all of my others have been up every two hours til they are six months. I don't get good sleepers. ;) But I know that, and don't expect anything different so its' no big deal. They also don't ever sleep through the night til their one, or I quit nursing.

We're loving her new discoveries every day, and cherish every little smile and coo like it's the first. Babies are a lot of work, but SO worth every second. :) They grow up WAY too fast, so I am trying to enjoy her smallness.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vivian's Baptism

 Papa and Grandma L.
 Me and my littlest love.
 Grandpa and Muumu T.
My 4 little loves. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Family Picture

My little family at Vivian's baptism on Sunday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vivian Rose, 2 mo.

My Vivian is 2 months old, and weighs about 10 lbs. Still our little peanut. :)
 A little teaser smile. She's smiling big every day now, especially when she first wakes up in the morning, and I'm loving every one. Her dad says he enjoys our babies more as they become more interactive with him.
 Vivian also has discovered her little voice, and has been beginning to tell us stories from time to time if her mood suits her. :)
I fall more and more in love with my babies with each new growing stage, but there is always a little part that mourns for the tiny newborn they started out as, as they grow out of that stage so quickly.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

7 Weeks With Great Grandpa

This is my Vivian Rose, 7 weeks old with my grandpa (I'd say Grandpa T, but both of my Grandpa's are Grandpa T. This one is my Dad's Dad. :)). This Grandpa and I share the same birthday. We are 51 years apart.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2lbs, 11 oz, and 73 Years Ago

The lady in this picture behind me told me a story while we were waiting for the parade to start. She started out by commenting on how amazing it is that we all start out so small (I'd had Vivian with me). Then she said that she was born at 7 months gestation instead of 9 months. That alone to me spoke volumes, as a baby born at 7 months in this day and age isn't always guaranteed to do well, and 73 years ago.... amazing. She said that when she was born she was 2 lbs and 11 inches long, not even a whole foot long! The doctor told her parents that she probably wouldn't make it through the first couple of days. Well, her dad got creative and made a homemade incubator out of a box, a plastic cover, hot water bottles that he put under it and rotated, and a light bulb to keep the inside warmer. I guess they took turns feeding her with an eye dropper, and somehow she made it. A fighter, who lived to tell the tale of her birth. :) Just thought I'd share the story that I heard and still think about every time I look at my Vivian. :)