Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Are Excited!

So we decided to try an experiment with this guy..... an experiment with potty training. I know, I know, boys train later, and he's only two and a half. BUT, we decided what the heck. Lets give it a try. Well, we have heard that the best way to train little boys is to let them run around pants-less. No undies, no diaper, nothing. I figured the worst that can happen is I'll be scrubbing my floors.

Well last night he was playing in the nude, and he came running up to me saying " I did it! I peed on the potty!" It was hard for me to tell, but he was so fired up, I figured maybe he really did it.
Then today, when I got home from work, Aaron said he went two times on the potty when I was gone! He had undies on and peed in them, and got all sad. So he let him run around naked ( sorry if this grosses anyone out) and he said I have to go potty! Aaron put him on there, and lo and behold he went! Same story again when I got home. He hasn't gotten the #2 symptom down, he has to do that in his diaper, and I am NOT going to push the potty or underwear thing, but we are excited over this little bit of progress! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Logan After a Bath

These pictures pretty much speak for themselves. He had a bath, and was in a silly mood after. I love it when he gets like this. It just makes both of us laugh.

Laura's Chocolate Exchange

My cousin Laura is hosting a chocolate exchange. If you want to recieve chocolate in the mail, check out her blog! I'm in, sounds like a fun thing to do. :) Pretty much all you have to do is send her your address to her email address,, by Sunday and she'll put the names into a hat to see who needs to send who some chocolate. I know I like real mail, especially if it's going to be chocolate! So comment on her blog if your in!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Book and Birds

Jennie and Ricky- Despite his crabby face, he really does like his book. Thank you!
Sorry so blurry- I took this from inside the house- It's a woodpecker at our birdfeeder.
Watching the birds at the feeder.

Chickadee-dee-dee-dee! We set up a bird feeder about a week ago, and the birds are finally starting to come! We've had woodpeckers, bluejays and chickadees. It's been alot of fun! :) The kids and I are so fired up every time we see a bird.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Nine Months Logan!

This guy is nine months old today!
When you ask him how big is Logan?, he'll hold his hands up over his little head. Thats his newest trick. He's growing so fast! It seems like a day ago, that he was just born! I cherish every new little accomplishment that each day brings, and yet at the sametime I miss my tiny little new born. The nights are still a little rough however as he still gets up two to three times. Little bugger. His two bottom teeth have popped through, so his drooling isn't so bad he soaks through three shirts and three bibs a day. Now it is probably down to a bib and a shirt.

The floor is turning into his playground. He can scoot backwards, and sideways in circles but still doesn't go forward. Baby food is no longer satisfying for him. He's done with it. Now for lunch or supper it's whatever the family is having, semi mashed up. I fed Logan a pb and j with out the pb the other day and he ate it so fast! He'll still eat his baby cereal in the morning however, that seems to be his favorite start to the day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doll For Sale

This little Jenna-ism occurred this morning. We were getting ready to go to her four year check up at the Dr's office and she came up to me with one of her dolls. She asked me if I wanted to buy her doll. I said sure! How much? ( me thinking maybe she'd say a dollar or something...) She promptly told me " Thirty Bucks!" I had a little laugh over that one. I think maybe she's got money on the brain.
The poor little honey got shots today. She had no idea what was coming when we exposed her skinny little legs. She cried so hard. I think it was harder for me to watch my four year old get shots than it is for me to watch my newborns. Not sure why, maybe cause they are generally pretty trusting and inquisitive to everything going on. Either way, I felt pretty bad for her today. She got two snoopy band aids and three princess stickers, all which she was VERY proud to show her Dad when he got home from school. Everything else went good. She is in the 25Th percentile for her height and her weight, no surprise there. :)
Logan had a checkup today too. He didn't' have to get shots. The nurse asked if we wanted a flu shot, and seemed a bit put out when I politely said no, we don't do the flu shot. His weight is 19.5 pounds and he was 28.5 inches long. In the 50Th percentile for his weight and 80Th percentile for his height. Aaron and I had a bet going this morning as to how much he weighed. We were both wrong, He said 24 lbs and I said 22.5. Must just be all that extra winter gear he has to wear when we go out.
We found the Ne***nee Library today. We actually drove around it many times before without ever knowing it was the library. The kids were excited to have new library books again. I think it will become part of our weekly routine, it's so nice and close. Definitely not a real big library, but hey, it's still a library! :) That was our day in a nutshell.... actually, Jenna and I went to a little birthday party for Cassie H. this afternoon for a few hours, then came home and made chili for supper. It was a good day at the L. house.

January Fun

Grandma- this is our stranger in the woods. A bunny actually did come and eat the carrot nose. :) They LOVE their book. We read it at least twice every day, and Travis goes to sleep with it at night.
Jenna and Logan in the sled on our Saturday excursion. By this point in the sledding trip, he was so ready to be done.

My little family on our sledding trip. I tried to get Logan to look at the camera, but he would only look at me when I came running back after setting the self timer on the camera. :) What can I say, the little guy likes his mom. :) The bottom pic is of Aaron and Jenna sledding down the hill. They had a blast.

Aunty Jennie- Jenna and Travis are saying hello! The three of them are sitting in front of the plow hill that Al has made with his plow truck. It's to the top of our clothes line now!

We had a super fun day on Saturday with the kids after I'd gotten done with work. We went sledding over by one of the halls on campus, then we went to McDonalds for supper and let the kids run around the play land. After that we went to the PEIF and went swimming. Jenna even jumped off of the diving board into the dive tank. With a life jacket on of course, and with her dad waiting at the end of the board for her to jump. I was impressed that she did it, it took her a few tries, but she was so proud of herself for jumping off of the "jump thing." After swimming, we then went to a hockey game. Aaron can get tickets for free from the school so he got two and we went. The kids loved it. Travis and Logan both crashed during the game they were so tired, but didn't sleep through the whole thing. Jenna was pumped. She kept yelling "Go Cats!" It was a fun filled, action packed day, and when we got home, the kids went straight to bed and I don't think they moved again til they woke up the next morning. I think we'll do it again sometime weather allowing. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unwritten Rule

There must be an unwritten rule somewhere that says if you are to recieve some sort of services where a stranger has to come to your house, they will arrive when you are LEAST expecting them. When the house is a mess, and your a mess.

Take today for instance. We finally got Charter and they told me to expect the tech sometime between one and three p.m. Well I was in my bedroom preparing to take a shower, when I heard a knock on the door. It was ten a.m. Keep in mind I had my black pajama pants on that had baby cereal from Logan smeared on them, my hair thrown up in a greasy pony tail (who has time to brush or shower first thing in the morning?) and a t-shirt that I'd slept in. Not even a bra on for the day yet. Travis said Uncle Zachy is here mom! I thought a little bit ahead and threw my NMU zip up hoodie on so at least I'd be a tad presentable. It was the Internet guy. Crap! I felt SO embarrassed as he had to trek over the toys scattered from last night, and he asked where I want everything hooked up. Of course, it was my bedroom which I'd had all intention of cleaning before one o'clock. You couldn't hardly walk in it! For starters, we keep our laundry in there, then our bed and that leaves a four inch walking space. I was pretty mortified. At least the kids were dressed and not running around half naked which is known to happen for a little bit in the mornings around here. One small favor.

But the guy was really nice, and while he did his outside work, I did a quick run through of the house. He did the job and was done by the time he was originally supposed to be here. We got through it, so now I think now that I have tested out our new Internet, I will go take that shower I had hoped to take four hours ago. Have a great Monday!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This and That

This was our week of Christmas in a few pictures. :) Enjoy. Travis
Jenna- I love this picture of her. This little dolly will be four on Saturday! Where does time fly?

Aaron and I in our new slippers that we got for Christmas. :) I was realizing the other day that we don't have all that many pictures of the two of us, so I wanted one when we were still looking nice after church one day.

All the Tervo grandkids with their matching jammies and bears that they got from my mom.

My three sunshines.

Logan sporting a santa hat at Christmas.This is what happens when you let your almost four year old try to feed your eight month old who wasn't all that pumped off of his peas. :)