Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Weeks

This little girl has had a busy few weeks! She's got three, almost four teeth, she waves bye, and goodnight, is *almost* crawling ( I can wait a little bit longer for this stage. Once they are on the move, they are into everything!), and can push herself up into a sitting position.  She seems especially big since both of my sisters Loretta and Alanna just had two adorable baby boys! We welcomed Parker Eli on 2-13-12 and Henrik Arthur on 2-27-12.  I got to see Lo and Parker when he was brand new ( less than 24 hours) but haven't been to see her since as we've both had sick kids between the two of us for the past two weeks. Alanna is out in ND, so we'll have to wait til we see them either out there, or they come up here.

Speaking of ND, Aaron has been out there for three and a half weeks. Seems like forever ago. We are planning on meeting up with him halfway in MN in three more weeks. I can't wait! :) Lots has happened in those three weeks. I have two new nephews, Vivs has been on the move. Those are the positive. The neg. is I have an uncle who is in critical condition after suffering a hematoma a week ago. Prayers for his full recovery would be much appreciated. Also, on the other side of the family, and an aunt has been placed in hospice care after fighting MS for many years. Prayers for her comfort are being said as well.

And one last thing... It's MARCH! One month closer to spring. February is the shortest month of the year, but up here it feels like one of the longest. Kind of like a limbo between the end of winter, and the start of spring. It surely ended with a bang here with two snow days in a row. We got so much snow all at once, and with the wind causing it to drift, some of the back roads were so plugged up they had to bust through them with a big sno-go. I'm hoping March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. An early spring would be great!