Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jenna and Her New Smile

I am realizing lately that my kids have dirty faces in a lot of my pictures I post lately. I promise sometimes that they are clean! :)
These are Jenna's "new" teeth. She is still getting used to how they feel in her mouth.

Her older cousin Isabelle was a little bit jealous that Jenna lost teeth before she did! And Isabelle is 5! I think that made Jenna feel a little bit proud. I was a little bit worried about what she would think about missing two teeth, but she has taken it lots better than I thought. We left our diaper bag at the camp when we were up there two weeks ago, and the teeth that got pulled are in a little treasure box so they didn't get put under the pillow for the tooth fairy to come for yet.
I don't think Jenna even knows who the tooth fairy is. We'll have to enlighten her. While we are up there, I should try to remember my tooth pillow that I have from when I lost my teeth. My grandma T**v* made it for me when I began loosing my teeth. It's in my box of "things" from my childhood that I deemed worth saving. I'm glad that's one of them. It was special to me then, and I am glad I will be able to pass it on to my own daughter. I am realizing more and more every day how lucky I am to have so many special memories of my grandma, and that she is still healthy and that Jenna is able to get to know her as well. Some day I'll have to do a post on her alone. :) She's wonderful.

Friday, August 28, 2009

His Grandpa's Coat

This is his Grandpa T's baby jacket 50 years ago
There is a story behind this jacket. I was visiting my Grandma before Logan was born (my Dad's mom) and she mentioned she had a jacket that used to be my dad's when he was a little boy. At the time she intended for Travis to wear it, but it was WAY to small. Well the last time I was there with Logan I asked her if I could still have it for Logan and she went and got it out. It is just starting to fit Logan, just in time for fall. And I love it and the fact that it was my dad's. I get tht sentimental streak from my Grandma. I'm glad she saved this little jacket. Now 50 years later, it's being used again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 Months and 2 Days

Logan's four month stats:

  • 15 pounds 8 ounces
  • 26 and a half inches
  • gets the hiccups when he laughs
  • has gotten good at blowing spit bubbles
  • can hold his head up without wobbling
  • has lost most of the hair on his head :)
  • is very much loved more and more every day!

P.S. I really hope I win one of these cute bags from

Monday, August 24, 2009

School Pictures

Loretta, Alanna and I used to call these three the "little girls" as we were the older girls of the famiy. Now Emma is one year away from high school and is turning 13 in a month. Annie is ten, and Lia is eight. Not so little anymore. :) I was babysitting for them one week last month while my parents went on a motorcycle ride around Lake Huron and they asked if I'd take their school pictures. So we did, and I think I had more fun than they did!

Levi-6 ( All of his smiles were like this. I couldn't get him to give a natural smile for anything. He thought this one was great. :) )


Friday, August 21, 2009

Jenna's Teeth

We sure have had alot going on with our kids teeth this year. Jenna had surgery to fix all of her dental problems this morning. The pediatric dentist that practices down here is wonderful. She is all about making it a positive experience for kids so they aren't scared for life ( like me... I hate the dentist).

Well this morning we had to report to the hospital for nine a.m. By the time they checked her vitals and put a hospital gown on her, it was close to ten by the time they took her down. They had to give her a muscle relaxer because her airway was so small that the tube didn't fit real well down it, so she had minor breathing issues, but did fine with the general anethesia, thank goodness. Dr.Erika ended up pulling two teeth, capping her two top front teeth, giving her four crowns and a few fillings. Poor girl had lots of work done. But her teeth look good, and she isn't complaining of any pain. As we speak she is up north at the camp with Aaron and Travis. She was/is a trooper. She was pretty sad and crabby when she was waking up in the hospital, but was content to cozy with me. She didn't want the O2 blowing at her and didn't like the O2 reader on her toe for some reason. Jenna also wasn't too pumped off the IV in her hand, but they didn't want to take that out til she drank something. She had jello and applejuice and half of a popsicle before we left.

She charmed the nurses and ended up with Tazmanian Devil bandaids, and about ten stickers. They all thought she was pretty cute. I recognized one of the nurses that took Jenna to surgery, as I'd gone to nursing school with her for a semester. It helped to know she was in good hands.
So, that's done and over with and we just thave to make sure she takes good care of her fixed teeth. She goes back in about three weeks for a checkup to see how the teeth look. Dr. Erika told us if we have ANY questions or concerns to call her. She gave us her cell phone number and told us even if it's two thirty in the morning, call her before we run to the E.R. She told us that she'd rather try to answer any questions, and then if we still would need to go to the E.R. she would meet us there. I was VERY impressed with her. She was super when Travis knocked his teeth as well. Even if we move back up north, I think I'm going to continue to bring my kids down here to see her as their dentist. It's worth it.

pictures of summer


I finally got a gadget to upload pictures! Never did find mine, but got a cheap one for about nine dollars at Walmart tonight. I'm going to be doing alot of catch up on pics. But for now, I'm just gonna post my favorite one I've taken all summer. This is of Logan from when we were booted out of the house for a day last week and we hung out at the lake all day. He didn't have a hat, so he borrowed Travis'. It was a bit big, but did the trick and provided for a good picture!

Tomorrow Jenna has surgery to get all of her cavities filled. Wish her luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Night Pretty

Jenna and I always cozy in my bed to take a nap during the day. That is the only way I get her to nap during the day. By cozying I mean she spoons with me, her head on my shoulder. It gets warm some days, but she won't always want to snuggle with her mom like this. Often I have her on my back, and Logan snuggled up on my chest. Somehow I can still sleep.

Well, we were laying down to take a nap the other day and I always tell her I love her and good night. She has nicknames that vary from dolly, to sweetheart, to pretty girl. This day it was pretty girl. She was all comfy on my shoulder so I told her "Goodnight pretty girl." Her response to that was " Goodnight pretty mom." It made my month. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wanted: cheap textbooks

Hey all of you cheap college students out there! ( yeah you! :) ) Aaron and I are wondering where you can order used textbooks online for cheap. Cheaper than the school bookstore. I have been told that that is THE way to go, but I don't know where to look! Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Guess I'm long winded lately! Sorry! :)

A Little Bit for Everyone

Aaron went to work on a side job this morning, and came home and pretty much told me to go garage sailing! What a guy! I didn't need to be told twice. Jenna loves garage sales as much as her mom, so she got to come with me. I gave her a dollar to spend, and at the first garage sale, she picked out a mommy and daddy barbie and a barbie bed. She was pumped, and it kept her occupied in the car while I browsed at the rest of the garage sales.

Did I ever have the luck today! You know how some days you go out sailing and just don't find anything your looking for? Today was NOT that day for me. My biggest find was a London Fog winter jacket and snow pants for Travis for this winter. And I only spent five dollars for both together! What a deal! :) I found a few things for me, a pair of khaki capri's for work, a pair of jeans, a few dress up dresses for Jenna, clothes for Trav man and Logan for this winter, a few dresses for Jenna for now, and some skirts and dresses for her, and a booster seat for at the table. Now I can ditch the high chair which I don't like, and just have a booster seat. Logan won't be needing one til later this winter, and hopefully I can find one I like better at a garage sale. I even found a shirt for Aaron for school this fall when the weather starts turning.

It bugs me when people have their stuff marked for lots, and when you look at it closely there are stains all over it. I hit up a few sales like that today. But my favorite one was our last one. The lady had a little bit for Jenna and tons for Logan, and all of her stuff was marked for twenty five or fifty cents. All of it name brand items. A few items were listed for more, but they were like brand new children's place or old navy, lands end, or gap so I was willing to pay a little bit more. :) I even found a few cute things for Teija and Karmyn. I could've spent more on those two, but got distracted by the cute boy clothes she had. Jenna even found a friend the same age as her! A little girl named Hannah. I think we might go back there just so they can play! Both girls would really benefit from having a buddy. They played in Hannah's little kiddy pool while I browsed through the clothes. I think we spent a half an hour at that sale alone! :) I got a big box of clothes for twenty dollars that would've probably cost me about a hundred at the store. Just Awesome.

Then we went to the lake again today as it was a scorcher. We tried a new spot along the lake shore. There is a spot where there is a little river run off from the big lake. It's only about two feet deep, perfect for the kids. Ours LOVED it. They were totally in their glory. Especially Travis. I'd never seen him swim like he did today! It was so fun to watch him. He'd dive on his belly, still be able to touch bottom with his hands, and he would kick his feet. He would even dip his head in the water. SO not his thing usually. I think we found our "regular hot spot." I hope it's hot again tomorrow so we can go to the same place again after church. I don't work at all, so we could go and spend the whole afternoon there. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warning: Long Post Ahead

Just a fair warning, the next post got a bit long winded. If you aren't in the mood for a story, just skip it! :P

Fair Weather

Today was all about making the most of a big inconvenience. The college is going around replacing all of the ancient hot water heaters with new ones, and ours was on the list to be done today. So, we set the alarm for six thirty, and by seven o'clock the workers were antsy to get in and start working. We were packed for the lake and out of the house by seven thirty a.m.

First stop on our list for the day was breakfast at Big Boy. Which was really good. We ate off their breakfast buffet because the kids could eat their bkfst for free than. It was a good deal.

Next stop was the lake. We headed away from the real local beaches and found one about ten or fifteen minutes from where we live. It's actually a road side park. We hauled the grill, a cooler of food, the pack'n'play, two camping chairs, a sleeping bag and blanket and towels, and the double stroller down to the beach ( we had to go down a long set of stairs to reach the lake from the road) and were all set up and ready for the heat by nine thirty. And the heat came. It was HOT, and the lake was BEAUTIFUL. I could feel the heat from the sun, so I made sure to stay on top of the kids sunscreen. We did pretty good. Jenna and Aaron got a slight sunburn, and Travis, Logan and I none. The lake was absolutely where I wanted to be on a ninety degree day. The kids had a blast, and we managed to stay cool. Aaron and I took turns playing with the kids and reading our books. It was AWESOME. I don't mind bragging because it was. :) We had hot dogs on the grill for lunch and sandy string cheese for a snack. As we were sitting by the lake, I took a look down the beach and thought that this is freedom. People were wading in the water, floating on tubes, suntanning on their towels, throwing a Frisbee for the dog, and someone had a radio going. It made me thankful to live in America today.

Next stop was Wendy's dollar menu for supper, and off to the county fair. Being at the fair wasn't as fun as I remember it being when I was a kid. I must be getting old. I always wondered why my mom was never too pumped off the fair. Now I know. Most of the rides are way overpriced ( Today was the first day, so it was a good deal. A Buck a ticket, one ticket per ride as opposed to three) The workers are all missing half of their teeth, greasy and looking in need of a good shower, and look like they hate their job. I went on some little train ride for kids with Jenna ( we tried to get Travis to go on many rides, but he was WAY to nervous.), the merry go round- used to be my favorite, but tonight it seemed to go rather fast......, and the Ferris wheel. I got nervous on the Ferris wheel! Who gets nervous on the Ferris wheel? Jenna was lifting her hands in the air roller coaster style on the way down, where as I hardley dared wave at Aaron down on the ground! I came to the conclusion that I'm getting old.

Jenna fed some little lama's, pet horses, and laughed at the grunting pigs. Travis bawled through the entire horse, cow, and pig barns. He was scared of EVERYTHING tonight. If anyone wants to know how the fair was, don't ask Travis. He probably would have rather stayed home. Jenna on the other hand, had a blast.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty darn good day. I'm hoping for a smaller repeat tomorrow. It is supposed to be hot again, and I don't work til six. See you at the lake!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I brought all 3 kids into the Dr's this morning. Travis and Logan now have pink eye too. Their Dr was able to get them in at ten thirty this morn. After that we went to Target to fill their prescriptions, found a few cute bargains- TONS of clearance racks- , bought some more sunscreen ( somehow I lost 2 whole new tubes during our two beach days in July) and came home. I'm having pizza bagels and the kids easy mac, then we are headed to the lake. I think we might head up north for a day and a half. Our hot water heater is being replaced tomorrow starting early and there will be workers in here all day. I have the day off, and it is supposed to be hot. I think we will sit on the shores of L. Superior at the camp. But now, I am headed to the other shore of lake superior til about five thirty, then I work at 6.

And for the record, Logan and I were up from 2-4 a.m. last night. But during that time I got to talk to Jennie, so it was worth it. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's official. I came home from work and now I'm irritated. Aaron was home with the kids and when I left work the house was semi clean, and I had the notion that my husband would put away the two hundred dollars worth of groceries I'd just bought an hour before I had to go to work.

I worked from four thirty to ten tonight and my feet and legs were achy when I got home. All I wanted to do was sit down, eat a small supper and go to bed. Was it to much to ask that?
Forget it. The place is a disaster, my three year old has pink eye in not one, but both eyes, and seventy five percent of the groceries still needed to be put away. Also, my baby is going to wake up when I want to go to bed because he needs to nurse. It's frustrating! I'm working twenty five to thirty hours a week, taking care of three kids in the ten hours of the day I'm home and awake, and trying to stay on top of my house to boot. I'm officially crabby at my hubby. I get home, and like I said the place is a mess, and he gets up, and goes to bed! Here I'm left to clean and go to bed to just repeat the cycle all over again tomorrow! I can't do it! It's just too much, I can't do everything. I wish I could but I can't. Actually, thinking about everything makes me want to just cry.

Sorry bout the venting, I probably sound like a broken record. Tonight was just a big disappointment when I got home. I understand that he works during the morning too, and donates plasma twice a week, and he made supper tonight, but he could have at least put the rest of the groceries away.... right?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing my Gadget

I'm trying to find my camera case. I don't know where I put it, but I need it! I have pictures that need downloading onto the computer, but I need my little gadget to do it! Can't remember what it's called at the moment. But I am missing it.....
On a funny note, Jenna has been singing Hannah Montana's song " He Could Be The One" all day today. :) Except she doesn't know what the whole song. Only the one phrase he could be the one, and she sings that over and over. She uses her closed fist in front of her mouth to be her microphone. It was cute and funny. Then Travis, not one to be outdone, or left behind decided he'd start singing too. So, my three and a half year old, and almost two year old were singing he could be the one today. :) I love it when they use their imaginations to play. Before the H.M. song, they played house. Jenna was the mom, and Travis was her little girl named Rena, and I was the sister, also named Rena. They'd found an old pink plug in the toy box and Travis had it in his mouth and was crawling on all fours. They even had a pet alligator named.... yep... Rena. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Levi is 6

Happy Birthday to my littlest brother Levi! He turns six today. He was 3 years old when Jenna is born. My kids are lucky to have him for an uncle. He's always so willing to play with them and to help take care of them. He's the baby of our family and we love him a bunch. Happy Birthday Little Man! Love you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jenna's World

This is what went on in Jenna's world today:

She rolled herself in a blanket on the couch and shouted " Look! I'm a human taco!"- not exactly sure where that came from. :)

Then, we are trapping fruit flies in a jar with a small chunk of banana, and she had a bazillion questions about them. The best one, " Where do the flut flies sleep?" I told her I wasn't sure. Her reply was " Them haves a banana bed!" Made perfect sense to her. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

After a Long Day

I worked a five and a half hour shift again at Target tonight. It was a fun busy. LOTS of brand new babies and pregnant moms came thru my line. I was pooped and sore by the time I got home at ten thirty and was pretty much planning on nursing my baby and crawling into bed.

As soon as I walked in the door Aars told me he had drawn a hot bath for me and to go soak in the tub. As soon as I walked through the bathroom door, a waft of hot steam hit me, and I noticed a lavender smell in the air. Also, there was a dozen roses and a card sitting on the ( freshly cleaned) counter next to the lavender salts. I opened the card and it was an anniversary card with a letter inside of it. The letter was a re- written engagement night letter. Aaron and I used to exchange letters in the mail and in person while we were dating. Well he wrote me a letter the night we got engaged and in the excitement and bustling of the night I lost it along our travels somewhere. It is always a little thought that I was sad about, because it meant alot to me. Well, he wrote me a new one tonight. Totally melted my heart and made me cry happy little tears.

After my half hour bath (did I mention he put rose petals in the tub too?) I came upstairs and he had a bottle of lotion he'd gotten earlier while I was at work, and gave me a ten minute foot rub. It was heavenly on my weary feet. I was feeling a little frustrated with him today while trying to do laundry and dishes while getting ready for work, so it was a very pleasant surprise to come home too. It was so simple, but yet so meaningful. I am sure I will always remember my 5th wedding anniversary treat. I love him and it that love just grows stronger over time. Thank you Aars. I LOVE YOU.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I lied

OK, sorry, I guess I lied. I won't be posting pictures today because it's WAY to nice outside and I have to work tonight. My first official shift being back to Target. I'm ready, but doesn't it just figure that we finally have a day decent enough to hit the beach and I have to work? Life works in funny ways like that sometimes. I had errands to run this morning, like going to the bank, the grocery store, insurance office, and the library. Piddly things that just needed to get done. I also made supper for my family + Emma for when I'm gone tonight. I made the taco salad that is at showers all the time. Looks yummy and was so simple to make. Emma came down for a few days to help babysit tonight while I'm working and Aaron has his golf meet that he has every Monday. Not sure what we're gonna do next Monday when I work again.... guess we'll cross that hurdle when we get there. We might be up north this weekend for Sat. and Sun. I have Sat. off, and don't know when the next one will be. Aars has a possible side job, and I really want to get out in that blueberry patch. We'd probably pitch our tent and just stay at the camp. We'll see. But for now, I am gonna go soak my feet in the wading pool outside and stay cool til it's time for me to go to work.

I won't promise pictures tomorrow in case they don't get done, but I promise I'll post some when I catch my breath again. :) Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Honey I'm Home!

I am finally home after being gone for two weeks. I'll post pictures from my adventures tomorrow. :) Hope everyone had a good weekend!