Wednesday, February 15, 2012

100 Days Smarter

 Jenna has made it through 100 days of school. :) Check out her smile, one of her top teeth has poked through and is now about halfway down. I'm getting used to her new smile, and it makes me smile myself when I see her tooth there. It's been a few years since she's had front teeth.
 This little love is 8 months old, and she just got her first tooth on the bottom. She's rolling all over the floor, and is becoming our little vaccuum cleaner. A good reason to keep my floors clean! :) She is not crawling yet, but has been pushing up onto her hands and knees, and is leaning onto her knees from a sitting postion to reach for things in front of her.
This guy.... he's been my buddy with Travis gone to preschool in the mornings. It's usually just him and I for a few hours while Vivian is down for her two hour morning nap. He and I have been ejoying each other's company. Logan is such a fun kid, and there are many times during the day where he makes me smile just watching him be himself. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Cloth Baby Diapers and Legwarmers

We recently tried out a new diaper and were asked to do a review on it. Brittany, the owner of My Cloth Baby sent us a diaper to test out. The first thought that came to mind when it showed up in the mail was that her shipping was super efficient. Great customer service goes along way.

 The second was how cute and soft the diaper ( click on the linked word to see a picture of the diaper on the website) itself was! I didn't think I was a fan of the minky outer material on a diaper, but it's probably our favorite one right now. I love it! And it stays just as soft wash after wash. She's also got alot of other darling prints for girls and boys or some gender nuetral prints along with a few solid colors. It's an Eco Grow One Size diaper and it's on the roomy side! We have Vivian snapped down to the second to last rise and she'll stay there for a while I think as there is lots of room to grow into the next snap up.

 The next step was to see how well it holds up to my super soaker of a daughter. It worked really well. The elastic was a good fit around the legs and her waist, so we had zero leaks. V has some pretty chubby thighs, so it's sometimes hard to get a good fit around them and also get a good fit around the waist at the same time so we don't get any leaks. I was excited that we were able to get good fits on both. :)

 Lastly, the price is super reasonable. Just 10.00 for the diaper ( half the price of some of the biggest leading brands). She's also got lots of cute leg warmers to match, along with a few other baby items in her store :)   All in all we have no complaints about the diaper! It's cute, a great fit, and holds in the messes well! We'll definetly be buying from her again. :) Thanks Brittany!

*** In case you didn't catch the link, or for some reason it just didn't want to work on your computer, to get to Brittany's website go to: