Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Logan Richard, 11 Months

My little man is eleven months old as of yesterday. Another month and he'll be one. One year. It's crazy to me how fast the past year has flown by. Lots of changes in this family, and I'm sure the year to come will be bringing more. Hopefully mostly the positive kind.He LOVES the other Logan in the mirror. This friend is one of his favorite people to smile at.

He learned how to wave bye-bye, and will do it pretty much whenever you tell him to. If you tell him to say "Bye bye, I'm going to bed!" He waves bye. :) Or if your heading out the door to go bumming, or even just going to the kitchen from the bedroom, he shakes his little arm with all his might. :)

He's finally figuring out how to become a bit more mobile. Within the past couple of weeks he has figured out the army crawl. Sticks that little butt up in the air, and pulls with his arms to get to whatever it is he's trying to reach. Now I have to make sure there aren't things on the floor he can't put in his mouth. He figured out how to lift the flap on the bottom of the couch tonight. You know, the one that hides all the junk that gets shoved under there? Guess I have to try and keep that cleaned out too. A good excuse for a cleaner house I guess. :)

He went to the Dr's today for his constipation, and they recommended Miralax for a while to hopefully get him going normally again. I'm crossing my fingers that it helps. He's such a happy little kid, so it's hard to see him hurting when he has to poop. They weighed him today, and he was 20 lbs, 9 oz. My growing little boy! I love him SO much!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Bay

Aaron and I, and some friends from down state are headed to Green Bay this weekend! And I'm leaving the kids at my mothers. :) They can't wait and neither can I. It should be a fun, relaxing weekend and I'm hoping I come back refreshed and ready to be a better mom. I truly feel as if I get a little break from them, I feel like I have much more patience for their shenanigans.

I don't have much plans except to do some shopping for Aaron and I, and go out for dinner, and maybe get a massage at my hotel. I've only had one massage in my life, and that was the day before my wedding, almost six years ago. I hope I don't come across many deals for the kids, because I'm saving up to go garage sailing in Minnesota or Green Bay with Jennie. We're planning on going in May after she gets home from Northern Alaska. That is if your still planning on coming with me Jen! :)

I don't know if she reads my blog, I read hers sometimes, but Kay H. is getting married this weekend. Congratulations Kay! May you have many happy years together with your hubby to be! :)

Logan has a Dr's appointment tomorrow. He's been having some major problems with being very constipated lately. I thought maybe it was his formula, as I'd switched from Enfamil to Similac, and that's when it started. But I switched back, and it hasn't gotten any better. Poor guy. He screams every time he has to go, and I feel so bad for him. We've tried prunes, prune yogurt, apple juice, apple/prune juice, water with some Karo Syrup in it, and nothing has worked. So.... I just want to make sure nothing is blocked somewhere causing his problems.

Hope you had a Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Use Your Imagination

The kids and I went up north today, as I had a dentist appointment to have my tooth looked at. Aaron had school til late, so he stayed home.

Well we were trying to notice things on the side of the road that were interesting, and we went by this HUGE boulder. It was all alone on the stretch of road that was paved last year. Probably didn't get blown up is my guess, and they decided to just leave it there. I pointed it out to Jenna and she tells me " It looks like a dinosaur egg." Well...... then she added that she hoped it was a T-Rex egg. I asked her what she would do if it was a dinosaur egg and hatched into a T-Rex? Her answer- "I would play with it!" :) She has such a fun imagination.

Another little Jenna-ism. We were making scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning, and she asked where turkey meat comes from. I told her a turkey, and that ham comes from a pig. Then I asked her where she thinks eggs come from. She told me in all seriousness," They come from the grocery store!" :)

Then this afternoon, she was "feeding ducks" in the mud puddles at June and Samantha's house. Who needs real ducks when your Jenna? :)

Have a happy Thursday!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Faulty Outlet

First of all, check all of your smoke alarms! Make sure they are working. Please. If you don't have any, get some today. :)

Last night around eleven o'clock, we turned our heat back on, and started noticing a distinct smell in the house. It was more towards the back of the trailer. We couldn't figure out what it was at first, but it kept getting stronger. Bad enough that we thought it wasn't safe for the kids to be in their room. We called our landlord, told him, and he said that he'd be right over. They live just down the road from us. Well after I had called Al, we noticed that an outlet in the kids room was smoking and beginning to melt. That's when a little moment of panic set in. We didn't know if it was up in the wall already, and the trailer was going to start on fire. Al showed up as I was packing the kids. He and Aaron pulled the fuse, and figured out what was going on. It wasn't too bad yet, but if we'd been sleeping, or not home, it could have gotten there. It was a scary what-if moment. It was about two a.m. before we felt safe enough to go back to bed. I still get the chills thinking about it. But we're safe, and the outlet is out of commission and that is what matters most.

So, this morning, we double checked all of our fire alarms. When is the last time you checked yours?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days

It was another beautiful sunny day today! The temperature reached fifty, the sun was warm, and the snow keeps on melting. I love it! It's easy to think that this could be it. That winter is done, but in the back of my mind I am preparing myself for more snow. No way is this the end. Never in all my years of living here have we had spring in March. Maybe for a little while, a teaser to keep us going through the remainder of winter, but we always get a few more storms.

But for now, I'll take it. I love being able to drive on bare roads, not have the heat turned on all day, and the kids can splash in the lake that was once my yard.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today's Adventures

Today was an interesting day. It started out kind of busy, and never really ended until fifteen minutes ago, at eight thirty at night. Logan had pictures at Walmart today, he wasn't super cooperative, but we managed to get two that I liked. When I was paying though, it got a little bit hairy. Jenna decided she had to go to the bathroom, and promptly took off, leaving me with Logan and Travis. Or at least I thought I had Travis. He'd taken off too. I had a feeling I'd find him in the game room, so I was set to take off and find him, when he came running back. Someone probably said something to him and he got scared. Good thing. Well, I went to go and find Jenna, and she wasn't in the girls bathroom. As I was looking for her I heard a faint "Mooommmmmmm!!!!!" She was in the boys bathroom! I told her " Jenna, you went in the wrong one!" She asked why, and I told her she was in the boy one. She came booking out of there with her pants still down around her knees! I would've melted into the floor right about there if it were possilbe. We ushered her into the correct bathroom facility where she could finish her duty, then went back to the poor photographer who was probably thinking we were nuts by then.

We came home after that, and Logan had fallen asleep in the van. I took the opportunity by the handles to clean out my front porch while he was snoozing in there. It was such a nice day, that he stayed nice and warm sleeping in the sun. The other two were in the house playing nicely. Well, Jenna came out to ask me something, and before I could even register that Travis was in the house still, he locked the door. He knows how to lock it, but not to unlock it. I didn't know where the key to the house was, so I was trying not to panic. He could hear me through the door, so I was trying to tell him how to unlock it. What he got out of it was to help me by taking his play bat, and hitting the door. Not sure if he thought it'd open that way. It was kind of funny, he was totally fine with being in there alone with me begging him to open the door. The cell phone was in my pocket, so I called our landlord asking if they had an extra key. No such luck. But Jen did have the idea to try the back door as it opens out words. After a short treck up the snowbank and across the freezer buried under the snow, I got to the door, and to my much happiness, it opened. Note to myself for next time, don't leave the two year old in the house when cleaning the porch.

To top it off tonight, I was on the phone and doing laundry, when Travis came running to me with an owie on his hand saying Jenna did something. I went to check it out, and I smelled something burning in the kitchen. I bought myself two new candles the other day, and had one burning on the stove. Guess I was dumb enough to think that was a safe spot for it. Well for whatever reason, Jenna thought it was ok to burn paper in my candle! It wasn't actually burning, but smoldering in my garbage. I sort of freaked out for two minutes, then explained to her firmly why we CANNOT monkey with mom's candles. She started bawling and said she was sorry. We read a book about fire trucks, fires and fire fighters at bedtime tonight. Hopefully it's a lesson remembered.

I got propane for the house again today (much thanks to Steve, Aaron's friend with the truck) so all Aaron has to do is hook it up, and we can eat more than pancakes and sandwiches and eggs around here. I'm hoping tomorrow is a good day, but not quite as eventful.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My book worm

Logan's new favorite past time: pulling every book within his short reach off of the shelf.
He makes such funny expressions. :) You never know what look he's going to give you.