Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Seven Monther

My little seven monther sits up on his own, likes to randomly scream to hear himself, gibbers lots, likes to play with his feet, rolls over from front to back, and ALWAYS has a smile for his mom. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little update on life

I think I'm going to have to change the title of my blog! I no longer am a resident of a town house. We live in a house trailer. And I am LOVING the change actually. I love being able to do a load of laundry easily every day if I want too. I love the country setting we live in, and love that my kids love playing outside. I love being able to look out any window and be able to see them. :)

Not tons is new otherwise... Aaron got a doe at the hunting camp last weekend. hooray. ( Can you guess my enthusiasm isn't quite shooting thru the roof?) We had to find another freezer for the meat, and did get one from our neighbors. That will definitely come in handy this winter. The freezer. I guess the meat too.... there is a recipe for venison sausage in the T cookbook that I might have to give a try now that we have venison.

Right now we are at the children's museum, we are going to have pizza here for supper while Aars is at class. I had two motives for coming here tonight. One, the kids love it and have a blast, and we haven't been here for a while. Two, so I could check my email and update this blog. Is that sad? I think it's a win win situation.

I guess word is out that both of my sisters are expecting again. Alanna in April, and Loretta in May. Congrats to you both! We're excited!

And I guess that's all..... we still don't have the Internet, I am not really willing to pay sixty dollars for it a month. Too steep. So I might just be on here once a week instead of many times a day. It's probably better that way actually. I can get stuff done at home.

One more thing. Logan can sit up on his own now! Crazy how it makes him that much bigger now. :) I like it, and he does too. He seems to like his new view on life. :) My mom and sisters are coming down on Saturday, I can't wait! I miss them like crazy and it should be a fun afternoon. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Like Christmas for Him

It's been crazy around these parts lately with the move and all. We have been living between two houses in two cities this past week, and it has been pretty nutty. I can safely say that by tomorrow this place will be empty and we'll be in the trailer for good.
I talked to Jenna's new teacher today, and the bus dept. at her new school. They are able to drop her off at our doorstep in the afternoon, and when they pick her up in the morning. For now. There won't be a problem in the afternoon, but in the morning they don't have anywhere to really turn around in the winter, so we'll probably be bringing her a mile down the road to meet the bus due to snow issues. But that has been something on my list of things to figure out all week and I'm glad to have that monkey off my back. I'm a little sad that she has to leave the school she goes to now though. She has made a few friends and loves her teachers. They told me today she gets everyone to interact together. That she's everyone's best friend. I wish I could take them with us to our new place, but since pre-school isn't mandatory the school of choice policy doesn't apply. All I can do is think that her new teachers have some big shoes to fill.

Aaron is gone to the hunting camp with the boys this weekend. He told me last night that it's like Christmas Eve for him. He can't wait to see what happens out at stand this weekend. His twin brother Brian was coming from Minnesota to join him, B.J. and Marcus for the weekend. How can you get crabby for him taking off and leaving when your trying to finish moving when he compares it to Christmas!? It took him forever to go to bed last night. I think he totalled off at four hours of sleep. We'll miss him, but the kids and I have fun plans to just stay home and hang out and take saunas. If anyone wants to come over for sauna let me know! I'll be at my number that we have now today ( Jennie- if you want to call I'll be here til evening. Otherwise, I'll try to call you as soon as our cell phone arrives in the mail.) for the better part of this afternoon.
Logan can pretty much sit up on his own. He will sit for two or three minutes before he falls over sideways or backwards. He looks like such a big boy when he does that! He has gotten better about being able to entertain himself too. Just give him a few toys to play with/chew on, and he's good for half an hour! I am really enjoying this six month old stage. Also, just give him a cracker or trenary toast to chomp on and that keeps him busy for a while too. VERY nice for when we're trying to pack/clean. Speaking of packing and cleaning, I should go do some more. Til next time, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our Halloween was busy as we started moving that morning. The kids had a blast, and got a little bit of candy. Enough to make them happy, and we didn't have to go for more than an hour. :) Most of our stuff got moved and we are still unpacking! I don't enjoy the process of packing and unpacking, but the move will be well worth it! The kids are still talking about trick or treating. Yesterday Travis tried trick or treating at the neighbors yesterday. :) He just stood at the door saying trick or treat and waiting for someone to come open it and give him candy. It was pretty cute.