Sunday, February 6, 2011

Does God Hear Calls?

I am finally halfway through this pregnancy! So far, so good. I am feeling baby move every day, and it never ceases to amaze me that there is a little being thriving inside of me. :) It's a miracle that never gets old. We have an ultrasound next Wednesday, and I am hoping to discover whether we are having a girl or a boy. Don't ask though, cause we won't tell if we find out. It's going to be a secret. :)

 Jenna and I are both hoping for a girl. She just turned five, and thinks two brothers are plenty and that it's tough to be the only girl. We were in the sauna at my mom's one night and she was talking about her "baby sister" that is going to be born in the summer. I told her God might decide we need another boy instead of a girl. This must've worried her, because she put her little hands in her lap, looked up to the ceiling and prayed " God, please make our baby be a girl baby." Then she looked at me and asked "Do you think he heard my call?"  I hope so dolly! I hope so! :)

Aaron is really liking his job, it's made him kind of famous in our area as they stuck his picture on about five bill boards for the hospital. He's gotten used to it, but I still find it funny when people mention it to him. He is definitely not one to seek attention, so it's funny when all of a sudden his picture is everywhere we go. :) He's rather embarrassed, but it's a nice picture and I'm SOO proud of him. It seems to me like he works less than I did, and his paychecks are twice as much! Those three years of schooling paid off! It wasn't easy, but somehow we pulled through. People told us that we wouldn't regret the tough times as it would be worth it. They were right. Not saying everything is all a bed of roses now, but it's nice to have our home back, and for Aaron to have a steady reliable job with his degree. I'm loving not having to work, it's so nice to be able to be home for my kids. For this we are so very thankful.