Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day

It was a good day in my book, dreary rainy weather and all.

Jenna woke up at seven thirty, which is actually sleeping in a bit for her. Then the boys woke up around eight thirty. I let them watch cartoons and eat pop tarts for bkfst. while I cleaned my room. It was in a desperate need of cleaning. And guess what I found during my cleaning spree? ALL of our socks! I was so wondering where those went. ( Yes, my room was really in sore need of cleaning.) I also got another bag for goodwill... or maybe a garage sale next year....? We'll see how long it hangs around in the closet before I totally get sick of it. I love having a clean room. It's just very hard for me to keep it that way. I've always been that way as long as I remember. I have good intentions... really I do.

Jenna also went to school today, I drove her to the bus stop as the weather was so cold. She had a good day. She came home with a homemade bus that she painted with a picture of her in the drivers seat. It promptly went on the fridge. I'm not sure who was more proud of it. Her or me. :) She also had a song in her backpack. It went something along the line of a gray squirrel shaking it's bushy tail, putting nuts between it's toes and wrinkling it's little nose. To which she had the cutest little move for everything. I loved it. I love that she loves school. She is such a social person and I had imagined her thriving in that kind of environment.

The boys and I took a nap while Jenna was at school. I had good intentions of setting my alarm so I'd wake up in an hour ( they usually nap for about two and a half hours) and do my work out. Well the alarm went off, but my baby cozied up next to me, and the warm covers and the wind and rain howling outside trumped the workout. So that didn't get done today. I must do it tomorrow.... it's been a few days since I did it. And I was on such a good streak too. Well I woke up from my nap before the boys did after two hours and came upstairs to find out that the mailman left a package on the landing instead of out in the rain. Logan's bumbo chair came! A friend sent it in the mail as she was done using hers. We were very excited. I could hardly wait for him to wake up to test it out.

Then last but not least, I came home from a VERY slow night at work to find Travis still awake at ten thirty. Was he fired up to see me. :) He has been hanging out with me for the past hour. It reminds me that he should get to hang out with just me every once and a while. We've been reading books, eating yogurt covered raisins, hanging out on the computer and throwing balls. He's starting to wind down though so I should take advantage of it and put him to bed. Hope the start of your week went well!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's 5 Months Old Yesterday

Just like that, I blink and my baby isn't the tiny little newborn we welcomed into the world. Rather, he is this five month old little boy, who is developing a happy personality. He has been sucking his thumb more lately, and is good at holding things for short periods of time in his hands.
Speaking of hands, he likes to grab his fingers, and play with them. He's also been reaching for his toes lately as well. He's happy sitting in his exersaucer ( when the other two aren't trying to squeeze their tushes onto the tray next to him.:) ) playing with the little toys in front of him.
Logan rolled over today for the very first time! I had him on his belly on the floor looking at a toy and when I turned around he was on his back. My first thought was that one of the kids had flipped him over, but they were both downstairs at the time. So I flipped him back to his stomach and he did it again! I marked it on the calendar. I'm such a proud mom. :)
As for gibbering, he's learning new sounds and has no problem letting you know what he wants. We started him on rice cereal a few weeks ago and he loves it. He gets mad when it's gone. :) He gives a little holler when he's frustrated. It makes me laugh.
Time sure flies by fast, I love every little new milestone that he accomplishes, but there is that tiny little piece of my heart that misses my tiny newborn. But today I am celebrating his rolling over, and being five months. He is happy and healthy. What more could a mom ask for?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Call Me Motivated

Jillian Michaels is a slave driver! I bought one of her work out DVD's ( not the 30 day shred) last week and have done it twice. But since doing it, I have walked or done the DVD every day. I feel great about myself and am motivated to keep at it. I'm known for starting something, and not finishing it. But this time I have a few different things to keep me going. My biggest inspiration is my friend Jennie up in AK- She's been doing Jillian workouts and W.W. and has lost many pounds in a month. I figure I have to keep up with her or she'll look at me and laugh when she gets home. ;) The second motivating factor is my neighbor Heidi H. who is going to school for fitness. She started class, and exercising every day. SO, I decided I am going to do something about this baby weight once and for all. As I type, we just did our workout video tonight. There were 3 of us girls smashed into a small apt. living room here on campus that did it together. We all pushed each other to do more. It was really rough in the middle of the workout, but man it sure feels good after.

Walking home after the half hour workout was a little bit of a challenge though. Especially coming down the little hill..... jelly legs. :) My goal is to loose inches around the waist, and else where.... the video is called no more trouble zones. Loose the muffin top, and the saddle bags..... wish me luck! Now that I posted about it I have to do it. :) Any suggestions on healthy snacks that are filling anyone ?... (Jen?) Hope it works!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little bit of Logan

This little guy is getting to be not so tiny anymore. His personality is starting to shine a bit, and so far he's a happy guy who really likes his mom. Every time I walk into the room and he's sitting on his dad's lap he lets out a little shout of excitement and smiles til I pick him up.

He has been enjoying his swing alot more lately. We will put him sitting up and he'll just watch the kids play for long periods of time.

And last but not least, this smile is for auntie Jennie who misses him so much! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

2 Today

Today you turn 2, and I smile because you are turning into an awesome little person. You love your "brother buddy" and your big sister, and playing with them often turns into the highlight of your day. You get super excited whenever Daddy comes home from school, and often your hugs turn into a wrestling match. In the morning you wake up calling for mommy to come and get you out of your cribby, and you make sure you grab your frog ribbit, and your blanket that muumu made for you. Stories and bike rides are two of your favorite things. You could listen to story after story. As for the bike rides, your happiest when your on the back of Daddy's bike, and never like to see the ride end.

You have the bluest eyes, and the whitest hair and long eyelashes. You'll probably care less, but I love them all the same. I look at you and think someday you won't have the chubby little boy face, your going to grow, and probably have me looking up to you someday. For now I am going to cherish the little boy you are. One who likes to bau bau, sit on my lap, and who loves to give hugs and kisses. The little boy with a constant parade of bruises across his forehead because you tripped or bumped into something. My little boy who is excited to have a crocodile cake for his birthday.

My greatest hopes for you are to grow up strong and healthy and be confident and successful in what ever you decide to do. I hope you are happy and that you follow your dreams. I hope you find love someday and are able to experience the joy you bring to me. Most of all, I hope you keep your faith, because it is oh so important.

I love you Travis Joseph, always will. Ever since the moment I held you in the hospital for the first time, meeting you after waiting nine long months to do so, you've captured a piece of my heart. Happy Birthday Little Man.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing Around

Meet Ribbit. Travis's frog that he got as a gift from Aaron's co-worker Katie when Logan was born. Since then Ribbit goes to bed with Travis every night. He is getting a little bit worn, but it's just a sign of being loved so much.
This is taken with the manual setting on my camera..... I was fired up it kind of turned out nice! I still need WAY more practice though. The next few pics were taken with adjusting the settings too.....

My Jenna- I was pretty happy that I was able to take pictures that didn't turn out completly black, white or too blurry! :) Thanks for the website tip Jen! I've been reading it every day! I am a bit overwhelmed though! There is so much to learn, and I hardly know where to start!

My Logan

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jenna's First Day

Jenna had pre-school today. She goes every day for a few hours in the afternoon. She loved it today. I didn't really get the chance to ask her what she did at school. I was an hour late at work because I waited for her bus (I called them to let them know I'd be late) so I pretty much got her off the bus, walked her home and went to work. all I got out of her was that she sang songs at school. She was pretty tired and was ready for a nap as she was gone during the time she usually takes a nap. She is fired up to go again tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be asked many times before noon if she can go to school now.

Poor Amie though, she just couldn't understand why she couldn't go to school if Jenna got to go. After Jenna got on her bus and it drove off, another one came around the corner. Amie looked up at her Dad and asked "Can I go on that one?"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Keep on Smiling

This girl is ready for school tomorrow. I'm excited for her, she's gonna have tons of fun! I was waiting for a call from the school today though to let us know what time she's going, but they never called. I'm guessing it's from 12:30-3:30, but your guess is as good as mine. As of last week they were trying to figure out the bus routes. At least I THINK she's starting tomorrow.... maybe I should call her teacher in the morning.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Dream of Mine

It's always a been a dream of mine to become a photographer, so I decided that I am going to try and fulfill that dream. I applied to N** down here for starting next winter to go to school to earn my bachelors degree in photography. I don't know if it's even a four year degree, but I'll take all the classes they offer! I'm kind of excited about it, and nervous at the same time. I'll only take a class or two to begin with, and then go full time when Aars is done. I have been thinking of it alot lately, and the more I think about it, the more I want to do it. He told me yesterday to go for it, so I acted on my impulse and sent my application in online. Now to call my high school, and previous colleges I attended for my transcripts, and see if I can fill out a fafsa for next semester.... So.... here we go! I'm excited to learn the ins and outs of photography, and hope to own my own business someday. It's something I can take with me where ever we are, and can keep me at home while earning an extra income. I'm a little nervous how it'll work out with our kids when we're both going to school, but I'm sure something will work out by then. :) Mostly I am just excited. Have I mentioned that fact yet? ;)

Happy Birthday Emma

A belated birthday to my younger sister Emma! She entered into the realm of teengers yesterday! She is thirteen and excited to be so! Happy birthday Em- I love you.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I saw this garage yesterday on our way to a garage sale, and I stopped to take a picture. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I snapped the pic., the home owner shows up in his jeep and asked me what I was taking pictures of. I felt a little stupid, but explained I thought his garage was nice and with a 9/11 anniversary coming up, I wanted a picture. He seemed relieved, and said he thought I was maybe taking a picture of his other cars licence plate. I quickly reassured him it was just the garage. He said well thanks for the compliment, and that he was glad I liked it.
Today everyone who lost someone, or knows someone who lost a loved one in the 9/11 attacks are in my thoughts and prayers. Also, those who are currently serving our country, my thanks goes out to you for defending our country and it's freedom. Your bravery does not go unnoticed. Today may God bless America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frosty Treats

We went to the beach today, but I didn't get any pictures.
Then we went for ice cream after the park while their dad was at class. :) They enjoyed their ice cream cones from the ice cream shop. A rare treat to go there for the kids.

Logan sat good in the swing! this face is from when I stopped it to take a picture. He didn't want to stop!

I think this is the handi-capped swing. Both of my boys fit in it. :) Travis was all piumped to share the seat with Logan.

All three of them. I got lots of comments about how they must keep me on my toes all day, and how busy I must be...... we get these comments just about everywhere we go.....
All in all it was a hot day well spent!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Family of 5

This was taken at Kate and Brian's wedding.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I do NOT love my vacuum

I used to like my vacuum.... it's lasted me five years. It's a dirt devil bag less, and for the most part it's been a good vacuum. I am not so pumped on emptying the canister and cleaning out the filter however. The dust flying around seems to be not so good to have around. But I've dealt with it because we didn't buy it. It was given to us as a wedding gift from some of Aaron's cousins and aunts and uncles. Well within the last year it's been having issues. Not wanting to suck up things right, getting clogged over every thing ( some of them have been big, like today, when we found a sock in the hose.... no wonder it wasn't working, and I was wondering where that sock went!) and one time I even found a little nest of bugs in it. That almost made me loose my lunch. But I cleaned it out good, and even soaked it in water to kill everything.

The past few times I have used it, the hose clogs up even if I don't use it. So Aars decided to take the whole dumb thing apart today. He got lots of dust and lint and dirt out of the inside of my vacuum, but the hose still didn't work. Turns out I must've sucked up a sock and forgotten about it, because he pulled a sock out of the hose. Not just a little kid sock, but one of my socks. How did I miss that one?

Well it seemed to be working great, and I was pumped to have my decent vacuum back in working order. I promptly went downstairs and vacuumed the kids room, and started in the hallway down there when it smelled like burning rubber. So I quit vacuuming and told Aaron. By the time he got down to look at it, it'd started smoking. NOT GOOD. He brought it outside thinking maybe the belt slipped and he'd look at it. But first he went to the school to borrow a vacuum there for the night, and maybe to find a belt. I'm thinking I am about ready to pitch it into the dumpster outside, and go check out the resale shops around here for a new vacuum. They probably have one cheap. I love our St. Vincent dePaul store here. They have shoes for .74 cents, shirts for 1.94, and couches for like 60.00..... cheap! Maybe they'll have a vacuum for 5-10.00 for me. I think I'm going to go look tomorrow. And the next day, and the next. Maybe I'll just give them my number and if they get a vacuum they can call me.......

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is this our summer?

We're headed north for Kate's wedding this weekend, and hope to hit up the camp Sunday.... the weather is looking promising. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

They Always Say That

The telemarketers have been calling alot lately, so we have kind of been screening our phone calls. That means the answering machine is coming on alot.

This morning the first call was at eight a.m. and Jenna was upstairs with me and Logan. The machine came on, with me asking whomever might be calling to leave a message and we'll get back to them. Jenna excitedly looked at me and said "They will get back to us!" then she gave a little giggle and tells me " They always say that hey mom?" :)