Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wow, is September really almost over? It's been a busy month! I thought that when school started, life would slow down a little. Nope. All it did was cool off. I'm already missing summer.
  A few things that happened this month: Vivian turned 3 months old. Today she rolled over from her front to her back for the first time. She's growing SO fast, and has really been filling out. She's turning into a little chunk. :)

Another thing: Travis turned 4! He was the most excited kid the day of his party. It was probably the most fun party we've had for him yet. He only wanted three things for his big day. A crab ( a live one, he was always having to go check them out at our local Walmart), a name towel, and Toy Story's Woody. He got them all. The crab from my mom, Woody from Aars and I, and the towel from his Grandma L. Was he pumped! He had the crab sleep in his room where he could see him and all the next day made sure it was by his side. It was fun. :) I hope he always remembers this birthday as one of the best. :)  Notice the little smear on the right of the cake- he and Logan decided they'd better sample the frosting a few hours before the party. I was mad then, but now I just sigh and shake my head. Boys I'm learning, will be boys.

Jenna is loving Kindergarten. It's a rough start in the morning, but once she gets going she's fired up to go. I didn't realize how much I missed her during the day til I kept her home one day. I miss her chatty little person talking at me all day. I sure hope her teacher is enjoying her.

Also, I got to go downstate for my sister in law Kate's baby shower with my friend Katie and our babies, Walker and Vivian. What a treat! I had so much fun down there, and it was a much much needed break from almost all of my kids. I felt so refreshed these past few days, and I know I have a refreshed amount of patience when it comes to the daily things. I truly believe that every mom needs a break from time to time. It's good for the mom, and for the kids. I especially soaked it up cause October starts in a few days and guess what that means in this house.... hunting season. The hubby is pretty excited, he's walking around with an extra spring in his step. That makes me happy to see him happy.
This is Logan's new fake smile. :)

So all in all, I'd say we're wrapping up September with a smile, and are welcoming October with mostly open arms.... mostly cause I'm not ready for winter.... so I'm just going to ignore the fact that it's right behind fall, and enjoy this last month of color. I hope you find yourselves doing the same!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Few Garage Sale Bargains

This dress is a 12-18 mo dress. I paid 10.00 for it. :) I figure it's a little formal, but who cares. She can wear it for either her one year pictures, or for Christmas next year. Just throw a red ribbon on it instead of blue.

This is a planet kiddi-o bike, I looked online after I paid 5.00 for it at a sale ( the one in the background is made by the same company, also from a diff. sale about 4 years ago) and they retail up to 100.00. I'm guessing this one was around 80.00 brand new. My bargain of the day. Now both of my boys have bikes. They rode them all day yesterday. :)
 I also found this letter mat where the letters pop out. It matches our toy cart perfectly. The walls on the other hand are struggling. They need a fun play room color. It has to be a brighter color however, as there are no windows in this room. It's a fairly large room and the kids have a blast in there. I'm sick of the color though and would love your input! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet Little Love

                          It's hard to think that next week she'll be 3 months old...where does time go?

She has been finding her thumb a bit more as she becmes a bit more aware of her hands. I keep popping a plug in.

This last picture is blurry, but it shows off the smile I caught. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jenna's First Day of Kindergarten

Jenna started Kindergarten yesterday, and was up at 6:20 in the morning, raring to go. I was a bit teary eyed when she hopped on the bus and drove away, but it was ok. She was pretty excited, but a bit nervous at the same time, which is pretty normal. I still can't believe she's in school now. Where did that five years go? I wish I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom and watch her in action outside of the home. The boys miss her, and asked a couple of times yesterday where she was and when she'll be coming home. I was happy to see her full of smiles when she did get home, and full of stories about her first day. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting September

I can't believe September is already here! The trees are changing color, and fall is in the air. School starts in two days, and with that brings a big change to our household. My Jenna is going to kindergarten this year. She'll be gone all day, every day. I'm excited for her to go and spread her wings and begin to figure out who she is, and what she loves. She'll learn her letters, and how to put them together to make words. She'll learn how to count to 100, and maybe even to add and read. I compare her to a sponge, she's going to just soak up all the new information. :) She'll probably fall in love with her teacher, and make many new friends. It's the first step to her beginning to learn about the world around us. She's super excited to go and learn. I'm excited for her, really I am, but at the same time my heart aches just a little at the thought. She'll be gone all day M-F, starting at 7:30 and coming home in the afternoon. I'm going to miss her alot. She's a bright spot in my every day routine with her funny little antics. Her imagination is so vivid, I hope that nothing ever stops her from dreaming. When she was little she'd wear her dress up clothes all day long, being princesses, and queens, and beautiful girls. Or playing dolls and barbies in her room with her brothers.  I'm going to lock those images in my heart and pull them out when I'm missing her while she's gone to tide me through until she hops off that big yellow bus at home again.

It's hard to explain how I feel. For one, I sure don't feel old enough to have a little girl starting school! I'll be 29 next year, and I swear my mom was just 29 last year! Honest! It feels to me as if she was just born, but that was 5 and a 1/2 years ago already. She's grown up into such a fun, outgoing, happy little girl, and I feel as if I have done a good job helping her start the base of who she will one day be. I know there will be times when I'm sure she'll be teased about something or other ( although I really hope not!), and I won't be there to comfort her if she's sad. I like to think that she knows that no matter what she's a beautiful person, inside and out. 

I'm sure her brothers are going to miss her too, she's so good at coming up with things for all of them to do together.  It's sure going to be alot quieter without her here all day. They'll probably be a little lost for a while, but they are so good at being buddies that it will probably just bring them closer.

So that day next week when that big yellow bus comes rolling down the street, I'll put a brave smile on my face for my little girl and help her onto the bus which will then bring her to begin the new chapter in her life. But when it drives away with her on it, don't be surprised if I shed a few tears. I am allowed after all, I'm a mom. :) And I'll have a smile in place again for when she comes home, and I'll sit with an open ear to listen to her new adventures.

Ps. I brought her to the ER this morning, she's got a UTI. It was an early start for both of us today, we were up at 4:30. She's on an antibiotic though and hopefully she starts feeling better soon!