Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun Facts

Here are a few facts I have learned about our new town in the last week we've been out here:
1. It is not uncommon to see between six to eight big semi's with some sort of big trailer on the back waiting at each intersection.
 2. The parades don't skimp on candy. At home it was like each kid had to fight over about four pieces of candy. Here, each kid got about two handfuls from each float.
 3. There are alot of big pickup trucks that have the wo...rks on them.
 4. The Walmart here sells big plastic boxes that they try to pass of as homes. But hey! They are insulated, have cable and ac, all for a steal of 20,000! ;)
 5. It's alot nicer than people make it sound out to be. It's very family friendly with all the new parks, splash pad and the youth pool. I'm happy to be calling it home because it's where we are a family again!

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